All-flash storage of the future


It’s time to accelerate the entire enterprise with flash storage products that simplify the entire structure, empower developers and offer state-of-the-art analysis capabilities.

Pure Storage solutions are always on, always fast and always secure. They feature automated management and plug and play simplicity. In addition, they are connected to the cloud and offer the agility of cloud-based management, as well as predictive analytics, unparalleled support and protection.

Our software-defined storage is always efficient. We save 10 times more space and up to 10 times more flash while consolidating all your tiers and workloads. What’s more, we guarantee efficiency without affecting the performance of data services, which are fully automated and extensible for self-service.

Get increasing performance and savings every year. Only buy once. Your software and hardware as a service (SaaS and HaaS) subscription guarantees next-generation storage innovations such as //X 100% NVMe without interruptions, downtime or data migration.

Boost your data even more


You depend on your datacenter to power your workloads and your business. The all-flash, 100% NVMe FlashArray//X guarantees the speed, agility and expansion you need to make this possible


Analysis, artificial intelligence, testing/development. Fast backup and restore. FlashBlade can consolidate data silos, unify and share data and prepare applications for the future in a number of ways


Recover data quickly. Optimize your budget with cloud economics and simplify data reuse with the ObjectEngine platform. The industry’s first flash-to-flash-to-the-cloud solution for advanced data protection.

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